Our orgonite matrix has a very rich energetic field qualities with a diverse energetic informational field which in the presence of the scalar antenna is propagated into the environment acting as an energy and informational carrier wave amplifier.


Inside are 2 Tensor rings which is a type of coil known to produce the a tensor field, an Egyptian sacred cubit  measurment that has been demonstrated to have very healing qualities. This ring is tuned at a 144 hz, harmonic.


Using Step-Sweep-Science, the Chi-O frequency generator circuit sweeps through a set of bio-friendly frequencies in 3 energetic fields; sound, light and scalar waves, about 30,000 time per day. This creates an active Scalar field which creates a homing frequency to tune your bio-energetic field back into a harmonic resonance with the Earth, even in the presence of pulsed digital signals and electro-smog.


In this design the use a particular combination of stones and crystal powders with paramagnetic, diamagnetic, piezoelectric properties. Some stones like moldavite, basalt, black tourmaline and amethyst inherently have these properties apart from other  energetic  qualities.


We also add the combination of the 5 metals, known in Bali Hindu culture, as the metal of the good energy: pance datu, made from: perak (silver), peurggu (bronze), tembaga (copper), kuningan (brass) and emas (gold).


This matrix of materials suspended in an organic resin, creates an dialectric capacitor that has energetic charge circulation of chi, common in living structures like the earth. and our bodies.

We can also find different types of geometrical configurations as the lotus flower on the back and Sri Yantra in the front etc. With different geometrical patterns, we  understand numbers as quantitative, that in the bio-energetic and sacred geometry perspective, every number carries a different and unique energy quality.


Shape and form also create a diversity of fields that are found and used in this instrument to generate a very harmonius, balanced, coherent and inclusive energy field.


There are multiple uses in which we can use this instrument when the consciousness of the user connects but mainly the Chi-O will act as an
energy balancing and  EMF protector in the sea of unseen subtle frequencies we find ourselves.