about new earth chi~o chi organizer

ne_chi_o_front_smallMany factors today such as man-made environments, life style, stress, electromagnetic pollution, cell phones, cordless phones, radios, computers, television, microwaves, wireless appliances etc., can weaken the immune system and the body’s bio -energy field.

Many body functions and cell communications are base in magnetic and electrical energy and frequency (which in turn create chemical changes). To achieve and maintain vibrant health, this energetic process must work at its optimum. The human body is not just made up of physical and chemical structures but also has a subtle energy body known as the bio-field. The coherence and harmonic structure of this bio-field and it energy centers are crucial for our health and well being as demonstrated by systems like GDV from doctor Korotkov. Disruptions or imbalances to the bio-field can lead to disharmony, and disease.


To mitigate these effects, we have created an energetic tool base on design, beauty and technology that can help to counteract and attenuate the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution and create regenerative and energy balancing effects.


The Chi-O2 evolved from radionic technologies, and conjugate the use of frequency, light, scalar energy, Pre-programmed holograms and other subtle energy systems, such as Orgonite, gem stones, magnets, tensor rings, sacred geometry, shape and proportion.  Thus creating the sum of the beneficial effects of these different energetic and harmonizing principles the Chi-O2 will create a general energy balancing and harmonizing effect in heath and well being apart from provide a protection from electromagnetic pollution.

“Scalar energy can been seen as the height symmetry of the electro dynamics, of what conventional science have reduce and simplified by only identifying the electrical and magnetic components, of a much complex an deeper phenomena, scalar science.” (Tom Bearden, nuclear physicist and expert on scalar energy). This view of electro-dynamics is that which is based on the notion of a vast, unseen background of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) which underlay all physical reality.


This form energy has been applied in the field of energy medicine extensively and is behind many of the known energy healing modalities, spiritual, technological or earth energetic therapies.


Experiments carry by doctor Robert O. Becker have demonstrated conclusively that DC potentials with extremely weak currents is what the body’s natural regenerative system operate from.


Longitudinal waves or scalar waves stimulate the body’s natural regenerative system. The type of electrodynamics used by the body’s healing process have not been applied or explained in conventional science. In any case we emphasize that this will only accelerate and enhance the body’s natural healing process.


The German researcher, Andrija Puharich found that scalar energy enhanced the functioning of the immune system. Lymphocytes (white blood cells) exposed to scalar energy increased proliferation (multiplied) by 75% compared to lymphocytes not exposed to scalar energy.


Using Step-Sweep-Science TM, the Chi-O frequency generator circuit sweeps through a proprietary set of bio-friendly frequencies in 3 forms of energy; sound, light and scalar waves, about 30,000 time per day.


In addition there are also Pre-programmed holograms that assist in EMF protection and unblocking the Chi channels.


Our jewelry design concept is created from the fundamental geometry called Vesica Piscis. It is created by the perfect geometrical marriage of two circles or in our case, two 3-dimensional spheres. The geometric shape created by the interference of these spheres contains the golden mean proportion and is essentially the representation and origin of one of the fundamental structures found in nature.


Seeds, leaves and even your eyes contain this geometrical principle. Nature uses these shapes, proportions and materials to create self-organizing fractal energy fields that are inherent to life. As Dan Winter has described, “The so called life force of Chi can be defined by the ability of system to attract and self-organize capacitive charge.”



We also introduced the use of Orgonite which is a derivation that has emerged from the principles of Orgone accumulators. Organite has evolved with the introduction of other metals and stone powders that combine the energetic qualities of different materials. In this design we use a particular combination of stones and crystal powders with paramagnetic, diamagnetic , piezoelectric properties. Some of them like moldavite, basalt, black tourmaline and amethyst have these properties. We also add the combination of the 5 metals, known in Bali Hindu culture, as the metal of the good energy: Pance Datu, made from: perak (silver), peurggu (bronze), tembaga (copper), kuningan (brass) , and emas (gold).


To enhance the field effect created by this instrument, we added a Tensor ring which is a type of coil known to produce the so call tensor field, an Egyptian tool that has been demonstrated to have very healing properties. This ring is tuned to 144 hz.


We can also find different types of geometrical and shape energy patterns, as the lotus flower on the back and Sri Yantra in the front, etc. The different geometries from the bio-energetic shape and power perspectives also have qualitative effects and produce an energetic phenomena that has many times been defined as sacred. Also, different numbers carry different and unique qualities and are found throughout the design. As shape and form also create a diversity of fields, they are used in this instrument to generate a very harmonious, balanced coherence and inclusive energy field effect.


There are multiple uses in which we can apply this healing instrument, but mainly the Chi-O2 will act as an energy balancer and  EMF protector, that can be used especially in the presence of electromagnetic pollution or so called electro-smog from dirty electricity, pulsed digital signals (Cell phones, Wifi, Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, etc.).


In the next study we will show the effects that the bio-friendly frequencies in the Chi-O2 have on the body’s water structure and dynamics of the blood flow.

The total length of the blood vessels in the human body is about 60,000 km. Blood has to travel that distance every 1-2 minutes to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and to remove waste material from them.


As you can see in the pictures below, the blood cells band together into small clumps in the presence of pulsed digital signals (cell phone radiation in this case).


This slows down the entire process of bringing oxygen to distant organs (think brain) and detoxifying the system.


This study suggests that wearing the Chi-O may facilitate the restoration of the flow of blood cells to increase health and vitality of the organs. More studies are needed in this area.

Chi-O Live Cell Blood Study


This was taken before the cell phone use without a Chi-O.


The picture was taken of the blood after about a 10 minute conversation on a Cell phone.


The picture was taken after about 10 minutes of wearing the Chi-O.