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The Chi-O 2 evolved from radionic technologies, and conjugate the use of frequency, light, scalar energy, Pre-programmed holograms and other subtle energy systems, such as orgonite, stones and crystals, magnets, tensor rings, sacred geometry, shape and proportion. Thus creating the sum of the beneficial effects of these different energetic and harmonizing principles the Chi-O will create a general energy balancing and harmonizing effect in heath and well being.


Studies on the effects of the Chi-Organizer

A Short 4 minute movie about the making of the Jewelery Chi-O in Bali.

A longer in depth look at the Jewelry Chi-O.

Chi-O Gold $599.95 USD

Chi-O Silver $549.99 USD

In addition there are also Pre-programmed holograms that assist in EMF protection and unblocking the Chi channels.


Our jewelry design concept is created from the fundamental geometry called vesica piscis. It is created by the perfect geometrical marriage of two circles or two 3-dimensional spheres.


The geometric shape created by the interference of these spheres contains the golden mean proportion and is essentially the representation and origin of one of the fundamental structures used by nature. Seeds, leaves and even your eyes contain this geometrical principle. Nature uses these shapes, proportions and materials to create the self-organized fractal energy field that is inherent to all life. Life and biological systems need these fields to be able to thrive energetically. As Dan Winter has said, “The so called life force of Chi can be defined by the ability of system to attract and self-organize capacitive charge.”


We also introduced in this design the use a particular combination of stones and crystal powders with paramagnetic, diamagnetic , piezoelectric properties. Some of them like moldavite, basalt, black tourmaline and amethyst have these properties apart from other energetic qualities. We also add the combination of the 5 metals, known in Bali Hindu culture, as the metal of the good energy: Pance Datu, made from: perak (silver), peurggu (bronze), tembaga (copper), kuningan (brass) , and emas (gold).

Our matrix also has a very rich energetic field quality created with a diverse energetic informational field which in the presence of the scalar antenna is propagated into the environment acting this as a energy and informational carrier wave.

To enhance the field even more created by this instrument, we added a Tensor ring which is a type of coil known to produce the so call tensor field, an Egyptian tool that has been demonstrated to have very healing properties. This ring is tuned at 144 hz.

We can also find different types of geometrical configurations as the lotus flower on the back and Sri Yantra in the front etc. With different geometrical patterns, we understand numbers as quantitative, that in the bio-energetic and sacred geometry perspective, every number carries a different and unique energy quality.

The photo below is the original photo without any effects or Photoshop. The energy of the Chi-O can sometimes be seen by a digital camera.


Shape and form also create a diversity of fields that are found and used in this instrument to generate a very harmonious, balance, coherence and inclusive energy field. There a multiple uses in which we can use this instrument, but mainly will act as an energy balancing and EMF protector.

This matrix of materials suspended in an organic medium like the resin used, creates an electromagnetic image with peaks and valleys of electromagnetic energy that are very common in living structures.

Available in two versions, Silver and Gold. Both versions come with a braided leather necklace with Sterling Silver clasp and also a belt clip carabiner.


Shipping will be charged separately. You will get a payment request for shipping from our office. Since every country is different, we want to be accurate on the shipping costs so we don’t over charge.
Typical Shipping costs internationally are about $35 – $75

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  1. Merxhan Emini

    looks great on my hand

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~ Chi-Organizer Field Generator ~

Quartz crystal
Sacred geometry
Pulsed blue light
Scalar antenna
Tachyon-spin material*
Clean microprocessor electronics
Scalar waves
Step-sweep frequencies

Chi-Organizer is a small, portable, multi-dimensional field generator, designed to help protect its immediate environment from external negative influences. The range is from 3′ minimum to over 25′, depending on local area interference.

Caution: The Chi-Organizer is so powerful in challenging negative information, you may experience uneasiness if there is significant non-positive energy in your being! This energy may have come from various sources. You might even experience mild emotional unrest or a gentle healing crisis from such challenges. If this is the case, you might try using the Chi-Organizer for short periods of time at first. If such challenges continue, you may wish to consult with a professional practitioner regarding your internal fields or programmed beliefs.
The unique construction includes:

A stabilized quartz crystal to control the timing.
Colored sacred geometry, including a new, internal, geometric to intensify the positive nature of the instrument.
An acoustic transducer radiating a phase-locked, homeopathic-level, longitudinal sound wave.
A 470nm blue LED radiating visible transverse, phase-locked light pulses.
Permanently polarized material, cured in a strong positive field. Positive frequencies are locked into the polymerization of this material, similar to polarized and tachyon-spin* products.
A transverse scalar antenna.
A clean-frequency microprocessor, generating precise time intervals. Instead of the typical RF and ELF electro-magnetic waves, Chi-Organizer radiates modulated transverse scalar waves.
Software that step-sweeps through the proper frequency ranges, skipping all non-positive frequencies. This program periodically sweeps a fast burst of positive, protective information. The sweep pattern consists of pulses with over 100, fast rise-and fall-time transitions resulting in tens-of-thousands of positive frequencies, as shown on an FFT spectrometer.

All these linked, positive activities work together to produce a strong, multi-dimensional environment. These fields combine to gently modulate the zero point energy. This produces a shielding effect against infringing negative information, such as general electromagnetic, visible, acoustic, scalar, negative radionic, negative thought form, negative psychic, etc.


step-sweep technology,
transverse scalar,
positively-cured adhesives, and
Hologram geometrics,
results in a strong positive field to counteract negative radiations.


Chi-Organizer has been used to help combat jet lag, computer monitor radiation, cell phone challenges, RF and power line interference, ELF implant radiation, negative mind control, etc. however…
Due to the nature of subtle fields, the manufacturer, designer, or seller can make no claims as to the effectiveness or appropriateness for any particular use of the Chi-Organizer. The buyer assumes all liability in the selection, suitability, and use of Chi-Organizer for his or her intended purposes.

Chi-Organizer operates for over 3-4 months on its internal – rechargeable cells. When the battery has run down, you will not easily see the blue LED in a dark closet.

To charge the battery, plug the supplied USB cable into any USB port on a computer or phone charger, etc.

(for the Chi-O Phi, simply replace the button battery when the light is no longer blinking)

Chi-Organizer is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year. Abuse, damage or disassembly voids the warranty. The CMOS microprocessor and blue LED leads are easily damaged by the unskilled. Return to seller for any repair.

Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes or improvements to the device at any time with no obligation to make these changes to existing units, with or without charge.

* Tachyons are virtual subatomic particles with imaginary rest mass. The string theories of physics predict tachyon states that occur naturally with a momentum that cannot vanish. Tachyon properties may be responsible for the polarizing and protecting effects of subtle field devices.

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