Mentor Session with Dr Nancy Ash, DD, PhD


“If you are not passionately happy, content, and peacefully doing heroic deeds with joyful effort, then you are not thriving from the depths of your Soul.”
— from the book, Doing a 360 by Rev Dr Nancy Ash

Dr Nancy Ash is worldwide director of the NewEarth University, and a faculty member for the School of Consciousness & Spirituality; and the School of The Living Arts

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In association with the NewEarth University, these sacred coaching / mentoring sessions are conducted through Skype, Zoom video-chat or via phone. In alignment with the NewEarth ethos, mentor sessions are not based on an exact time-frame, but rather organic in consideration. For ex., sessions may last 30-45 minutes or more than an hour… depending on YOUR needs. These unique in-depth sessions help you to gain inSight and empower yourSelf, balance emotions, and open your heart to new vistas of consciousness. It will be an honor to be in your vibration soon.
In service with gratitude in grace,


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