Many factors today such as man-made environments, life style, stress, electromagnetic pollution, cell phones, cordless phones, radios, computers, television, microwaves, wireless appliances etc., can weaken the immune system and the body’s bio -energy field. Many body functions and cell communications are base in magnetic and electrical energy and frequency (which in turn create chemical changes). To achieve and maintain vibrant health, this energetic process must work at its optimum. The human body is not just made up of physical and chemical structures but also has a subtle energy body known as the bio-field. The coherence and harmonic structure of this bio-field and it energy centers are crucial for our health and well being as demonstrated by systems like GDV from doctor Korotkov. Disruptions or imbalances to the bio-field can lead to disharmony, and disease. To mitigate these effects, we have created an energetic tool base on design, beauty and technology that can help to counteract and attenuate the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution and create regenerative and energy balancing effects.

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